Designer's Guild

"Colour is a joyful and instinctive pleasure, life enhancing, romantic, magical" - Tricia Guild

For all my adult years I have been influenced by colour and textures. Bringing colour into your space is a stimulating and exciting experience.

Three years ago we introduced Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren and Christian Lacroix into Trilogy. Instantly there was soul, which enhanced our already beautiful stock.

I have personally filled my home with many different images consisting of different moods and surroundings. My house has the ability of having strong bold florals mixed with subdued tones and textures that would compliment any style home. I like to start with a very subtle pallet and then bring in the colours that can enrich and invigorate our lives. I have used all designers in my space and there are many ways to utilise fabrics. Cushions, bedheads, lounges, occasional chairs, curtains and I even have a stunning bay window which is one of my favourite pieces.

In Trilogy we have the ability to show off many different styles. Beautiful mints, lavender, pale pink and greys. For something brighter there is orange, hot pink, purple and yellows.

Trisha Guild has tried to integrate her personal instinct to colours, we hope by the way Trilogy has embraced her range, you can enjoy expressing your passion as much as we do.

Sandra Formica