Some interiors lean naturally towards a masculine design and other schemes embrace feminine flair. How do you bring the two together and find that seamless balance between both concepts without going too far in one direction?

Thank you to Traditional Home for inviting us into this incredible property in South Carolina. This residence successfully brings edgy and masculine design elements, whilst ensuring the presence of a softer side resonates, complete with feminine characteristics.

Earthy colour tones of warm hues, bold art work, furniture with rigid and straight edges, textures of leather, reclaimed timber and marble lend themselves to define the masculine style throughout this home. These features alone would create a very modern and sleek interior, however this is not what the owners set out to do. Charm is injected into individual spaces with elements that are quintessentially feminine. Softness transcends cleverly by way of floral pattern, sumptuous fabric, ethereal window treatments along with relaxing wallpapers in neutral tones.

If you find that your space is overwhelmingly heading in a masculine or feminine direction, consider pairing different textures. For example by simply introducing a delicate floral arrangement to a rustic dining table or draping a soft throw in muted hues on a leather sofa you start to bring equilibrium to your space.

View the full story here to see how the right combination of materials and the interaction of lines created by furnishings and architecture are key to acheiving a harmonious balance of style.

Be inspired by the gallery of pictures and if this is a look that you love, let Trilogy assist and bring this style to your home.