Cast Iron Urns & Statues

Embodying traditional European design, this series of French provincial cast iron urns and statues inspire du jour interior elegance. Proficient and impressive, the intricate ironwork detailing inspires depth and elegance. Collectively with the cast iron statues and cast iron candlesticks, this range dedicates attention to detail, representing a high calibre of craftsmanship and accomplished artistry.

A perfect balance of subtle pigment and elaborate technicality, the selection of French provincial cast iron urns promote a sense of culture and substance to a fabricated space of design. Whether in pursuit of an opulent cast iron candlestick to inspire height and establish significance upon a surface or seeking the statement a cast iron urn or statue illuminated by spotlights would surely accomplish, Trilogy has a vast selection.

Discover this bespoke collection of French provincial cast iron urns, statues and candlesticks here or visit the Trilogy showroom in Perth today.

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