Velvet Dining Chairs & Furniture

Trilogy’s affluent velvet furniture is the essence of finesse. Timeless and elegant, this prestigious limited edition range features lavish velvet armchairs, sumptuous ottomans and sofas, and luxury velvet dining chairs. The curvaceous silhouettes of scalloped sofas and armchairs are impeccable pieces, ensured to append poise into any interior space, residential or commercial. The elegant contrast of brass bases elevate and refine, establishing a polished aesthetic. From the stunning limited edition “Micah” round ottoman, boasting grandeur and splendour, to the designer velvet dining chairs, this collection exudes panache.

The sublime velvet dining chairs exhibit luxurious upholstery, embraced by beautifully sculpted French oak frames. Fashioning a nostalgic experience, the 17th century French inspired carved detail displays a high calibre of craftsmanship, ensured to leave lasting impressions.  Attributable to the distinguish palette of the velvet dining chairs in our Perth showroom, these pieces compliment copious tones and styles, ensuring an effortless dining table endeavour.

Discover this timeless collection of velvet furniture below or visit the Trilogy showroom today.

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