Designer Outdoor Furniture

The charming European influence that is Trilogy’s designer outdoor furniture paints an alluring picture of grace and tranquility. Featuring French provincial garden furniture, the sinuous range of hand-forged galvanised iron pieces fashion delicate splendour. The durability of weather-proof materiality ensures Trilogy’s luxury outdoor furniture is enduring no matter the conditions. Silhouettes of simple profiles to embellished artistry of intricate detail certifies the flexibility of aesthetics amongst this collection of European patio furniture.

From the authentic rich hue of natural teak to the faint elegance of the grey-wash finish, this monumental range of high-end garden furniture is resistant and forms that of a cohesive display. Creating a portrait of a stunning European courtyard setting, there are an endless variety European outdoor furniture pieces to complete a collective external landscape. From pitted concrete tables to refined teak benches, stylish stackable chairs and barstools to forged iron bakers stands, this series of designer garden furniture epitomises the poetry of the European aesthetic, inspired by traditional French provincial sophistication.

Luxury Patio & Garden Furniture with High-End Appeal

Whether seeking a classic, handwoven sofa, saturated in neutral tones and plush with custom cushions, or desire an entire collection of teak high-end outdoor furniture, Trilogy offers an extensive variety. The French provincial outdoor furniture inspires an opulent style, whilst the fine profiles are also befitting if limited in a spatial sense. Inspired by the timeless alluring charm and warmth of European outdoor furniture, this assembly of influential pieces caters to the desire of establishing culture and travel in the comfort of one’s home. The simple, authentic palette of Trilogy’s designer patio furniture acts as an extension of natural elements, without disruption of a harmonious aura. Personifying Mediterranean design, this copious range of enchanting European garden furniture magnifies the entertaining experience to memorable measures.

Discover this timeless collection of luxury designer outdoor furniture here or visit the Trilogy showroom in Perth today.

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