Terracotta Urns & Pots

Inspired by the captivating Tuscan town, Impruneta, Trilogy’s enticing collection of terracotta pots at our Perth showroom, embodies authenticity and elegance. Establishing a perfect balance between drama and refinement, the exquisitely carved clay is complimented by its earthy hue. Embracing cohesion, the array of shapes and sizes illustrate a harmonious story. From the abstraction of the “Cigno Volante” urn to the majestic “Fontana Del Leone” decorated fountain, all pieces are concordant of the next, inspiring timeless unity.

Sculpted out of the highest quality of clay this collection of designer terracotta pots appends texture and supreme class. Influenced by Italian artistry, the distinction between the terracotta urns and greenery makes for an enchanting picture. Embracing fluid movement, the encircling pots and rectangular and square planters that are soften by curved edges, inspire a relaxed aesthetic.

Discover this winsome range of terracotta urns below or visit the Trilogy showroom today.

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