Designer Wine Racks

The quintessence of luxury and glamour is testimonial to Trilogy’s collection of designer wine racks. From the alluring Art Deco style of the “Gatsby” Drink Trolley to the authentic, rustic style of the “Soho Collection” Wine Cabinet, this collection of luxury wine racks presents options to match any desired aesthetic. Complementary to an abundance of Trilogy furniture, the exquisite fruitwood materiality establishes warmth and a sense of charm.

Wine Racks with a Touch of Luxury

A selection of conveniently mobile pieces amongst these timeless designer wine racks represents pragmatic function, whilst also displaying modish artistry. Contrasting styles and diversity in way of layout appeals to vast ranges of preference, requirement, and design class. From deluxe gold silhouettes of sophistication to classic alluring models of nostalgic standing, Trilogy’s luxury wine racks ensure poise and elegance.

Discover this opulent collection of designer wine racks here or visit the Trilogy showroom in Perth today.

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