Designer Lamps

With ravishing, limited-edition pieces from Denmark, this collection of Trilogy designer lamps is truly unique. Enjoy an abundance of timeless styles, complimentary of various design divisions with these high-end lamps. Inspired by Art Deco glamour, this collection of designer lamps features creations of striking colour palettes accompanied with brass embellishments. Showcasing gorgeous crystal finishes, these high-end lamps are simply alluring.

Creating depth and mood, discover the perfect luxury lamp to highlight the most bespoke elements of any space. Trilogy’s high-end lamps range showcases vast line types, from elongated and significant to elegant and round.

Creating a lasting impression is simple with an authentic European lamp. Trilogy designer lamps embody attention to detail and elegance, staging the form of many silhouettes.

Discover this luxury collection of designer lamps below or visit the Trilogy showroom in Perth today.

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