This month I have been Inspired by the cobalt blue and white “Chinese porcelain ceramics”. This type of design started to developed back in the 9th century from China, as well as the 13th century in the Middle East, known more as “Earthwares” using cobalt blue pigments. In the 18th century export porcelain was then produced for the European markets. The cobalt blue and white porcelain ceramics became popular and highly prized in Europe and America, these pieces were collected by kings and princes during this time.

This Avant-garde design is once again making a grand statement into the fashion and interior worlds today!

I have put together some inspirational pictures below, as well as Trilogy’s own ‘Blue and White’ design influence!



Top image – 13th Century Urn, origin China.
Bottom image – 9th Century Bowl, origin Iraq.


The above images show how the “cobalt blue and white” is used in the 21st Century! Both pattern design and colour can be used in a traditional or contemporary way, whether it be fashion, furniture or homewares.


The above images are as follows,

Top 3: The stunning Christian Lacroix Wallpapers.

Bottom 2: The Luscious Designer Guild fabrics.

All exclusive only to Trilogy Concept Stores.

Mixing these traditional patterns with a cobalt blue stripe pattern, as seen above, can create a fresh new contemporary look and will break up the traditional patterns.

The above images are as follows,

Top Left: This 1.2 meter high Ceramic urn with Lid has been molded in one piece. The large bold Urn as well as the smaller urn are both imported from the Netherlands and will instantly make a big statement in any room!

Top Right: This is a beautiful tapestry made in Belgium. The size is 2300 long by 1800 wide. Again this will make a dramatic statement hanging along a stairwell, Lounge area or even kitchen.

All exclusive only to Trilogy Concept Stores.

The above images are as follows,

Top Left: This 2000 x 3000 rug is made of 100% New Zealand Wool and is imported from the Netherlands.

Top Right: This 1 meter tall ‘Kaliningrad’ glass lamp and shade is always a great accent to a bedroom or lounge area! Also imported from the Netherlands.

All exclusive only to Trilogy Concept Stores.