A start of a new year brings many predictions of style trends that we will encounter over the next 12 months. These trends are always of great interest and a talking point that we embrace at Trilogy. This year is no different and we are very excited about what www.interiordesign.net forecasts for 2018.

The experts are saying farewell to “Scandi Minimalism” and they are welcoming luxury and opulent interiors rich in plush, tactile fabrics.  An emphasis on expressing ones individuality with bold colour and contrasting prints and patterns will be a refreshing change from the reserved, paired back schemes we have seen in 2017.  It is anticipated that the world of interiors will be immersed in earthy colours and that monochromatic schemes will influence design this year.  Carefully considered colour palettes are set to be a be a focus, layering shades of one colour to create dramatic designs.

View our latest range to showcase at Trilogy this year here. The Ruhlmann Range combines a bold design of glamorous silhouettes with luxurious finishes of velvet, marble, polished gold and earthy oak.

Express your individuality in 2018 with our vibrant and striking Ruhlmann Range and enjoy the full article about this year’s standout decorating predictions here.