This magnificent Italian inspired home, owned by Carla Zampatti, is the ultimate traditional minimalist way of decorating. This is one of my favourite interior styles by far, as it is exudes sophistication yet is relaxed.

This is a trending look which has been executed perfectly by architect Dino Raccanello. It has a sense of laid-back luxury and inspires a feeling of calm.  By distinctively contrasting white crisp walls with elegant antiques and rustic accents Raccanello achieves this look effortlessly. Placed thoughtfully around this home, each piece creates their own story.

Introducing large palms and an oversized linen sofa to the family room brings a relaxed and overall young scheme. The symmetrical placement of 2 large ornate gold mirrors on either side of the fireplace, seemingly ties the room together giving an instant lift with an added air of sophistication.

Another key element which has been carefully considered in this property is the layering of monochromatic textures and tones. Carla’s home entrance demonstrates this with an emphasis on proportion and space. A contemporary edge is succesfully created and enhanced by pairing an elegant crystal chandelier with a black iron balustrade together with eye-catching oversized rustic statues. Combining these statement accents against the white bright walls highlights a contrast and they instantly stand out maintaining a look that is essentially minimal and fresh.

Remember “quality over quantity” is a must to create a modern-classic interior. Keeping your homewares to a minimum can result in a spectacular finish.

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